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My latest obsession is collecting watches, and many of them are definintely not the normal Analog style. Following are a few of the watches that are the most unusable - that is, the ones that are most out of the ordinary, and harder to read. The reference image and notes to the right should help you figure out how to read them. Good luck!

Caravelle Jump Hour Watch Caravelle Jump Hour Watch  - Notes

Time: 10:11:25

  • Jump Hour
  • Wandering minutes in blue
  • Wandering seconds at center

This is a Caravelle Digital. According to Alan's Vintage Wrist Watches, Caravelle is a cheaper house brand of Bulova. It has a mechanical movement.

DRoth look-a-like DRoth look-a-like filtered

Time: 12:08:27

  • Hours in red
  • Minutes marker in orange
  • Seconds in blue
  • Date in green at top

This is a Daniel Roth look-alike, but not an exact replica. Alas, the DRoth is a much cleaner watch than this one. This one has an automatic movement.

Direct Read Quartz Direct Read Quartz Filtered

Time: 04:21:24

  • Time marker - vertical blue line (it’s on the crystal)
  • Wandering Hours, Minutes, Seconds

This one is great to adjust the time - the hours and minutes just spin and spin. It has a quartz movement.

Aeromatic one-hand Aeromatic one-hand call-out

Time: 10:13

  • One-hand
  • Note the 5-minute markers, along with green 15-minute markers and the blue 30-minute marker.

This watch is huge - it's about 55MM - so the hand and details of the exact time (within five minutes or so) is relatively easy. It also has a display case back. Manual wind.


More to come ...


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