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I wanted to talk a bit about choosing a page to wire frame.

I had originally talked about wire framing your home page, but that might not be the ideal page, considering that you'll have to build out the rest of the site for your prototype next week.

Check out your site map and find a page that will be relatively complicated, so you can spend some serious time on it, but one that you can get some serious mileage out of as well.

What I mean in regards to the home page is that it's a unique page of a site - there's only one of them, and therefore you can spend a lot of time on it, and then have to build templates out for every other page, basically starting from scratch after spending time on this one page.

But of course your own process might require you to start with the home page. It always depends ... in this case, on your own creative process.

The 'bottom' of a web site is typically an all-content deal, and relatively 'boring.' Of course there are usually lots of these pages, giving a wire frame of these pages a high time to value ratio. That is, time working on a good wire frame for this type of page can be leveraged for tons of pages in your site.

An ideal page might be a 'middle' page or a Section main page (see attached JPEG site map). One that has links both up to the home page and down to the content pages.

Putting in enough work on it now will help you in the long run.



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