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Picture of the Imagesmith Crew, 5th year

The Imagesmith Crew. The company I had fun at for three years - first as Program Manager and on the executive team, then by the time of this photograph, as senior information architect. When this was taken, we were at the top. Lots of exciting people. Lots of clients. And it was mid-2000. Go figure. I still work with many of the people, when I can. They are all wonderful individuals, talented and highly skilled. This doesn't show, unfortunately, many of the original crew who started Imagesmith (Matt Linehan, Sol Lipman and Brant Smith, the founder). There's a hilarious conversation some of us had for an IA brainstorming session - Erik, Mike, Susan, Heather and myself.

  1 Jennifer Guy Senior Project Manager
  2 Greg Paulson CEO
  3 Chris Mehl Designer
  4 Jen Holm Designer, HTML Producer & co-founder
  5 Kahlil Al-Refai COO
  6 Osa Dog, Official Stress Reliever
  7 Scott Robinson Senior Information Architect
  8 Marianne Bishop Usability Specialist
  9 Susan Down Project Manager
  10 Deb Culmer Project Manager
  11 Chris Clark Summer Intern, Programmer
  12 Mike Barnes Information Architect, PM
  13 Heather Hopp Project Manager
  14 Chip Street Account Manager
  15 Juan Caballero Summer Intern, HTML Producer
  16 Mandie Fox Project Coordinator
  17 Erik Perotti VP, Development
  18 Jacki Sterner Senior Designer
  19 Mark Mechina Designer
  20 Bob Lishman CFO
  21 Nicole Lasher Designer
  22 Bruce Snell Sys Admin, Programmer
  23 Tommy Weiss Account Manager



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