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About Me
I am a User Experience design & leader in enterprise software design, currently Director of User Experience for Financials Applications at Oracle. I have consulted and taught Information Architecture in the Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz areas. Please view my Portfolio for more info on projects I've done (although anything recent I can't share online). Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions.

Some happenings about me & this site:
February 2012 I've been promoted to Director of User Experience leading the Financials UX team at Oracle.
January 2012 I spent about 24 hours in Bloomington, Indiana at Indiana University ... presenting on the Apps UX team to the HCI/d School of Informatics students again. Man, they've got some nice digs there. They updated 'em since the last time I was there.
May 2011 Second field trip for Miles' Kindergarten class to SF City Hall. Great trip; even got to sing 'Happy Birthday' to the mayor--who does that??
December 2010 10th Annual cookie party for my birthday. Nance has commented that the quality of the cookies has been stepping up the past couple years. Can't wait until the 15th (not really).
September 2010 Guest lecture to UCSC Extension. Worth the drive to Santa Clara to connect with students.
March 2009 Another little lady in my life. Fiona joined us! For any pictures of the kids ... it seems you'll have to go to Facebook!
January 2009 I spent about 36 hours in Bloomington, Indiana at Indiana University ... presenting on the Apps UX team to the HCI/d School of Informatics students (about 70 of them).
October 2007 I've been promoted to Senior Manager in the Applications User Experience team at Oracle.
June 2007 New babe in my life! Meet Delia.
April 2007 I've been promoted to User Experience Manager of Financial Management enterprise applications at Oracle. My new team is comprised of ten user experience professionals (interactions designers, usability engineers and prototypers).
December 4th 2006

My most recent collection obsession (after CDs for many years) is Watches. I've started to put together some pictures & diagrams of some of the watches in my collection ... or just watches I find interesting.

August 2006

I've been promoted to support not only the Project Management enterprise applications, but also the Oracle's Procurement product family

June 4th 2006 I was surfing the other day and found the very first site I ever designed & built (other than this personal one that's changed many times). The site is still using the same design that I created for them 10 years ago. It's sad yet kinda cool. Check it out if you dare: UCSC Arboretum.
May 15th 2005 I've been promoted to User Experience Manager at Oracle. I'll be leading a team of interaction designers and usability engineers to support Oracle's Project Management and Real Estate enterprise applications.
March 2005 Holy cow: I'm a father! Meet Miles.
November 16th 2004 Guest lecture for Fancine Van Meter at Cabrillo College. Here's the lecture file on Information Architecture for Web Development (PDF, 140K).
December 18th 2003 I've completed my Masters in Library and Information Science, with a focus in Human Factors and Information Architecture. Woohoo!
October 21st 2003 Jeff English, my manager at PeopleSoft, and I did a guest lecture at a SJSU Human Factors graduate program class for Tony Andre. Here's the lecture file on User-Centered Design process at PeopleSoft (PPT, 380K).
September 8th 2003 I've been hired full time as a Senior Interaction Designer at PeopleSoft, working in the Supply Chain Management "product pillar," focusing on fulfillment and inventory product suites. It's more fun that it sounds, with fun people like John Stickley and Maggie Law.
May 14th 2003 In Fall 2002, I was in a cognitive engineering course at SJSU. for one of my projects I did a usability evaluation of craigslist.org. Please check out the PPT file of the craigslist evaluation.
March 27th 2003 My two case studies (see left-hand nav for links) are referenced on IAwiki's edited list of Case Studies. The list was developed by Eric Scheid, founder of IAwiki.
March 19th 2003 Guest lecture at Cabrillo College for Wendy Norris. Please check out my 03/03 lecture notes.
September 5th 2002 Teaching at Cabrillo College begins again. Please check out the DM 166 Fall course Web page for more information.
May 20th 2002 A Wired article about the Knowledge Web project I've been working on for the last nine months. It's mostly about a call for volunteers, but it does describe the project a bit too.
January 10th 2002

I've posted the DM 166 Spring 2002 Course Page for Cabrillo College—Introduction to Information Architecture (unfortunately cancelled due to low enrollment).

January 7th 2002

I've posted some Case Studies of my work: Hewlett-Packard's Printing & Digital Imaging Product Advisor and work for eHealthInsurance. These are mainly for teaching purposes, but hopefully also provide some insight into my experience.

November 4th 2001

My teaching for UCSC Extension began. Another survey/intro to IA for Web development class.

September 5th 2001

My teaching (Adjunct Lecturer) for Cabrillo College begun. For more details see my Teaching page.

July 16th 2001

Guest lecture on Information Architecture for Laura Hartwick's Summer Web development course at Cabrillo College. This one I did without Mike Barnes, so there's new 07/01 lecture notes, with a little bit changed and some more references.

June 17th 2001

The funniest and most insightful stuff can happen when you put a group of smart people in one room, and a great writer takes the minutes. Read the notes from an IA brainstorming session.

June 13th 2001

I've built my cousin Cathy Shearon's Web pages for her mural design business, Exclusive Creations. Very nice custom work for the home.

May 17th 2001

Today I spoke on a panel with three other professionals for the "Liberal Arts Connection," a group of career counselors from UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, Hayward, Stanford, and other local universities. All of us are UCSC graduates, and we've all moved into tech: consultant, tech writer, (database) taxonomist, and information architect.

April 18th and 26th 2001

Four more guest lectures on Information Architecture at Cabrillo College. Mike Barnes and I finished up lectures this week and last for four more of Wendy Norris' classes—Dreamweaver and Flash again. You can check out our 04/01 lecture notes.

March 12th 2001

Over the weekend, I was part of a Psych. study at Stanford, where I got by brain scanned by MRI. You can check out a couple pictures of my brain, if you're into it.

February 28th 2001

Last week I spoke on a panel of professionals in the Santa Cruz, CA area discussing career paths for various positions in the Internet industry. Of course to say 'positions' really belies the fact that there are so many variations to—in my case—Information Architecture.

November 30th 2000 I stole a cute story from my friend Eden Moreland, a PR person for Imagesmith. I told her this story about my childhood, so she put it into a story to be used as a primer for an article in an industry magazine.
November 21st and 22nd 2000 Two more guest lectures on Information Architecture at Cabrillo College. Mike Barnes and I finished up our lectures for the semester with two more of Wendy Norris' classes—this time Flash. You can check out our 11/00 lecture notes.
November 19th 2000 I finally updated my site. It had been pretty stale for about ten months. It is much more usable (not necessarily useful though) with quicker access and quicker loading, due to a new navigational scheme as well as less graphics. Drop me a line if you're in the mood to comment on the site.
November 7th 2000 SC-IA - the Santa Cruz Information Architects group, put together by Kristin Bradham and myself, had its first meeting. It was a blast, with IA staff from Imagesmith and Lutris Technology attending.
November 2nd 2000 My first Information Architecture lecture. Mike Barnes and I guest lectured for our friend Wendy Norris' Cabrillo College Web Development class.

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